Attraction | Rojdnan

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.
-Joseph Campbell

I have just returned from eating at one of my favorite restaurants. I wanted to treat my husband to the best restaurant possible to celebrate his birthday, so naturally I chose this one. We drove five and a half hours to make this dining experience possible and it was worth every mile. I would drive ten hours if I had to to eat this remarkable food, but I’m glad I don’t have to go to those great measures. Other people do, however. Others fly, then drive to dine there. Actually, no matter where you live, there will be some hours and miles involved because this place is located in a remote area in southern Utah many miles away from any major airport or city. It’s a little green farming oasis that is nestled among the big red rocks in one of southern Utah’s most beautiful and isolated areas.

The two women who own this restaurant had a vision eleven years ago of creating a beautiful place to feed people’s stomachs and souls. They were both chefs and had, before meeting one another, worked in unusual conditions from river rafting tours at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to remote tropical islands, so feeding people in a remote area like southern Utah with its rugged and isolating location was not a huge stretch for them when they found a little restaurant that was needing new owners.

The restaurant was in the middle of Mormon farming country, but for two Buddhists this was not a deterrent. In fact it was the opposite. It was a way to bring two different belief systems together to live in respectful harmony. Both beliefs nurture the same basic desires; to respect and honor all living things, so naturally the blending of these two beliefs happened respectfully and gently over time with a deep appreciation that grew for each others spiritual views and work ethics. The land, the gardens, and the food being offered formed a working community of diverse, yet blended values.

Today you are a magnet, for infinite abundance, divine intelligence, and unlimited love.
Actually, this has always been true.
-Mike Dooley

Over the last eleven years this tiny little haven nestled in the middle of spacious farmland with heart expanding red rock views has served thousands of people their vegetables, fruits, beef, and a great amount of love to anyone who has had the desire to drive the distance it takes to dine in this little piece of culinary heaven. By most business standards, the success of this restaurant does not make sense. Based on the old adage, “location, location, location”, being in one of the most remote areas in the southwest would seem like the last place a business would thrive. Of course it helps to have the tourists who trek through there every summer on their way from one national park to another stop by for some sustenance while traveling, but most of the people that I encounter while dining there aren’t just passing through on their way to somewhere else. The restaurant IS their destination. I often hear comments from fellow diners as they tell Blake, one of the owners, that they will be back next year, as usual, because it is their home away from home. Most people return year after year to visit these two remarkable women and their little place of food love. I know we do!

Many years ago my wise teacher, Rojdnan, told me that I did not have to go anywhere or find anyone to make my dreams a reality. I simply didn’t have to work at making things happen. All I had to do was be my authentically loving self, feed my soul daily with gratitude for what I already had, and the opportunities I sought and the people I wanted to know would feel the vibration of my love and find me. I could be a magnet of radiating love and that would attract all of the things I desired to me. This offering of wisdom was about living in complete and utter trust of my own self- acknowledged love and knowing that this love would always be returned to me without effort.

I have been practicing being a magnet of self love for years, and now I see the success of how it can be done in Utah by two women who believe so strongly in their passion for sharing their food and their loving kindness with others that this passion has drawn people to their restaurant from all over the world. Theirs is one of the purest examples of the law of attraction that I have ever experienced and it has not been based on a solid business plan of right location, proper funding, ad placements, or any other high level marketing strategies. Their success has grown from their hearts vibrating a desire to do what they love and share that love. They have shown up every day for eleven years, cooked their food fresh from their garden, appreciated the people who have walked through their door daily, hugged them, made friends with them, and given them the best example of loving kindness anyone can offer. Love is what they are offering and people from all over the planet are showing up for it. It’s that simple. Because they have been a beacon of pure and loving light, they have now had many magazine articles written about them and have received numerous awards for culinary excellence.

Cooking done with care is an act of love. – Craig Claiborne

When I eat there I am constantly reminded that we all have two choices when it comes to creating our desires. We can either choose to move through life searching for our opportunities and the people we want to love, OR we can plant ourselves in the heart of our desires and let life move through us attracting to us the people or situations that enhance and support our passionate vision. I have watched Blake and Jen through the years that I have been eating at their restaurant, choose to let life move through them and I can see, taste, and feel how beautifully the law of attraction works for them. Yes, it has taken hard work by getting up daily to make sure everyone is fed, but when you visit them now you can still feel the love they had eleven years ago, you still taste the beauty in their food, and you still see the sparkle in their eyes as they make you a pancake or seat you at your table. Living the law of attraction is working for them and I am constantly humbled by the experience while sitting at my table eating my blue corn pancakes delicately decorated with flowers from their garden.

Do you believe that the great love that created you can also create for you what you need and want? Can you sit still long enough to feel that and let it be drawn to you in miraculous ways? Can you trust that life is in constant flow and all you have to do is allow it to flow to you and through you while feeling your passion for life?

We were created as part of life’s abundant flow. All it takes is believing that. The beauty of living life by trusting the love that created us, is knowing that all we have to do is feel the passion that is waiting to be felt and then allowing that passionate flow to create opportunities and the loving people that will saturate our world with all the bountiful gifts we can accept and then enjoy.

So, if you ever get a craving to eat food that is created from pure love and passion, consider taking a drive, a beautiful camera clicking drive, and experience the law of attraction. You will fall in love……and, you will have to go back for more!